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Always Time for Coffee Gift Box - with De Nagmaal Cups

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What could be better than expertly brewed coffee and handcrafted nougat? In this gift box you’ll get two boxes of 1701 nougat, a selection of our delicious biscuits, a Moka pot and a bag of Rosetta Roastery coffee. This is the perfect gift idea for the coffee lover in your life - they’re going to love it.

Why not add optional De Nagmaal coffee cups to take this gift to the next level?



1 x 160g Nougat Box (flavour one)
1 x 160g Nougat Box (flavour two)
1 x 3 Cup Bialetti Moka Pot
1 x 250g Rosetta Ground Coffee
1 x 200g Ginger Biscuit Packet
1 x 200g Pecan Nut Shortbread Biscuit Packet
1 x 200g Sesame Pistachio & Honey Pasteli Packet
2 x Ceramic De Nagmaal Coffee Cups

Hat Box Size

22cm (Height) x 30cm (Diameter)