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The Rum Explorer's Gift Box

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We’ve made our favourite international rum, Don Papa, the star of this gift box. Along with this delectable spirit, you’ll also find two boxes of our handcrafted nougat, a selection of our delicious biscuits and a slab of chocolate. Perfect.



1 x 160g Nougat Box (flavour one)
1 x 160g Nougat Box (flavour two)
1 x 200g Packet of Pecan Nut Shortbread Biscuits
1 x 200g Double Belgian Chocolate Chip Biscuit Packet
1 x 200g Sesame Pistachio & Honey Pasteli Packet
1 x 100g Venchi Milk Chocolate Slab
1 x 750ml Don Papa Rum

Hat Box Size

22cm (Height) x 30cm (Diameter)