How it's made

Our nougat begins its life on a farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa, where wild bees roam freely across acres of land with their choice of wildflowers. We harvest this honey as well as the macadamias we grow on this farm to make our extraordinary nougat.

Step 1

We make a syrup using a precise mixture of glucose, sugar and honey, carefully heating it until it reaches the perfect temperature. As our honey is harvested on the farm, no artificial sweeteners or other syrups are added. It is 100% locally sourced and choice grade.

step 2

We beat egg whites until fluffy, then add the honey syrup to the egg whites and allow to cook. The mixture stiffens as the egg whites heat up with the hot honey syrup.

step 3

Once cooked, we slowly fold in our freshly roasted nuts to the cooked nougat. All our macadamias are grown on the same farm where our honey is harvested and processed on the same property where our factory is situated. This means we can ensure that everything is of the absolute highest quality.

step 4

The all-important setting process. Our hot nougat is poured into lined stainless-steel trays to come to room temperature and set.

step 5

Once set, we remove the nougat slabs and carefully cut them by hand into individual nougat pieces or nougat bars.

step 6

Each piece of nougat (whether a bar or an individual piece) is lovingly wrapped by hand, weighed and added to a packet or sleeve.

step 7

We run every single finished packet or sleeve through a metal detector to ensure that our nougat is meeting the highest possible safety standards. To see our FSSC 22000 food safety certificate, click here.

step 8

Once approved by the system, we place our nougat in its beautiful outer packaging. Finally, we carefully hand tie a ribbon on every single piece of packaging that leaves our factory – a symbol of our commitment to offering you nothing but the most extraordinary experience.

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