Our History

Our name, 1701, pays homage to the year in which nougat was first made in Montelimar, France. And while we started our journey as a nougat brand in 2015, the real story started 80 years earlier in 1935 when Dawn Leggat Landman was born. As our founder’s maternal grandmother her love, kindness and compassion are the beating heart of everything we do. She opened Cottage Flowers in Hyde Park Shopping Centre in 1967, where her daughter Lianne spent hours helping in the store; watching her mother create beautiful things that brought people joy.

  • “She opened Cottage Flowers in Hyde Park Shopping Centre in 1967”

Inspired by her mother, Lianne developed her own way of giving to others – using food and sweet things as her artistic canvas. With cordon bleu training and a passion for the culinary arts, she passed on that gift to her son, Nick.

Nick spent years watching his mother show this care and love for people through food, which culminated in the nougat recipe we use today. It was first developed 20 years ago and took countless attempts to perfect it when 1701 launched. There are simpler ways to make nougat, but our way ensures an indulgent, extraordinary experience every single time.